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What is City Challenge?

City Challenge is Refreshing, Motivating, Developing, Spirited and Results Driven

City Challenge gets people moving and thinking in teams within the busy, real-time, real-life environment of a major city. Using orienteering principles and tasked with working as a team against the clock; participants experience complete involvement, improved communication and shared problem solving.

Team Building - Motivation

Taking teams out of the workplace and demanding physical as well as intellectual effort from them is a proven way of boosting motivation and morale. Individuals play to their strengths for the overall success of the team, with constant feedback and review from our learning and development specialists to encourage a great performance.

  • Appreciating all team members' contributions and skills
  • Emphasising planning and time-management
  • Working together to achieve a common goal
  • Getting to grips with team dynamics
Team Building - Development

What may start out as a dysfunctional team with individuals vying for attention develops into a highly tuned unit, working cohesively to achieve common objectives. City Challenge teams can transform, rapidly, because they get the chance to put theory into practice and learn from their actions in a fast-moving, highly charged environment.

  • Learning through feedback and review
  • Applying and seeing the relevance of the learning back in the workplace
  • Achieving teams and individuals' personal objectives
  • Breaking down personal barriers, making way for better understanding of colleague's behaviours'
  • Improved perfomance and productivity
Team Building - Spirit

City Challenge can also be themed to be part of a company conference, corporate event, training day or simply as a kick-start for teams embarking on a new project. We will match the skill and experience of our professional facilitators with the needs and goals of your teams to ensure we build a great team spirit for the challenge ahead.

  • Highlights interpersonal skills
  • Healthy competitive 'spirit' encourages everyone to be involved
  • Encouraging open and honest communication and teamwork
  • A great sense of achievement and a job 'well-done'!
Team Building - Results

City Challenge believes strongly that team building events should provide long-lasting results and improvements in the workplace. That's why we talk to you beforehand, why we encourage you to set objectives - both individually and as teams - and why our experienced facilitators are on hand to accompany teams at every stage.

  • Feedback and encouragement
  • Written reports (optional)
  • Ongoing benefits
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