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Client Quotes

Thank you again for this great event. I received a lot of good feedback on the quality of your city challenge so not surprised to see that the results reflect well the impression made. It was a very nice way to get to know our colleagues better and at the same time discover some hidden places in Madrid. So congratulations again on a very well prepared game!

Many thanks!

Best Regards

Lilian Sanna
Global Program Team Director, MAX Program, AMAC Region
Novartis Pharma AG

The event in Rome went very well indeed and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. All the teams came back with tales from their adventures around the city, and lots of good photographs to boot! Thanks very much for the obvious effort you put in. There was a bit of cheating though - I think people spent a lot of time on their blackberries; however, the challenge did take in most of the major sites, so it was great that everyone got to see so much!

Stephanie May, Account Director, AdConnection Ltd

Just to let you know feedback has been really positive and people really enjoyed the day. People enjoyed the level of challenge and it was interesting to watch how different people worked together and also interpreted the exercise. The drawing exercise made for some good laughs, it was fast paced walking for some but this made for some good war stories. At the end of the day we asked everyone to name one thing about a specific personís style or approach they didn't know before and it was interesting to see how much people had picked up without even really realising it.

Just to say the troops are back and had a challenging and highly enjoyable time. Exactly what we needed. We even struck it lucky with sunny and dry, if cold weather! The challenge was enjoyed by all so thanks for all your help. I'll certainly recommend it across the Golley Slater PR division as we have offices across the UK.

Sarah Hall, Head of Chair, Golley Slater

Many thanks again to you and your team for the organisation of the day, and thanks for passing on the feedback. We are delighted with both how much everybody enjoyed the day and, in spite of the fact the main goal was to have a good day out, how many people felt they had learned something about teamworking. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

In my opinion one of the key strengths in City Challenge was the skills and experience of your professional facilitators. Particularly how they were able to adapt to the group and give feedback that was both relevant and appropriate 'in the moment'. I was concerned about the number skeptics we had in our group at the beginning of the event but by the close they had definitely been converted and were overhead to comment on the value and benefit it had bought to everyone and the team overall.
Environment Agency

We had a good time, we enjoyed the long task i.e. the same task throughout the day and especially the de-brief at the end. It allowed us to think issues through and review out behaviours and actions. It worked well at a team and individual level. In the afternoon we really started working well as a team. We all commented on how great it was having the opportunity for 1:1 with the facilitators as we were going through the day.

Our brief was to have a fun day out - which we certainly achieved with the help of City Challenge. It gave us the perfect opportunity to experience a city in an interesting and challenging new way whilst getting to know our work colleagues and, at the same time, working as part of a team. The day was extremely well organised and was thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend it!!

"Dear Jane and Lucy

Many thanks for an excellent event on Friday in Birmingham. I thought it was an involving and original take on teambuilding and I'm sure that my staff appreciated your hard work and excellent guidance as well. I hope that we can now take forward the individual commitments that we made, as well as the general sense of good will and a desire to improve that was a vital part of the programme's success. It was great to see the team get so involved in something that they had expressed reservations about and I think this is a reflection of the skill and enthusiasm that you demonstrated on Friday.

Once again, thank you for an invigorating day, I hope that I get the chance to work with you again.

Kind regards
Gregg Bramwell
NHS South Birmingham PCT "

"I have done many team activities in the past but the Challenge has been the best in getting to the core of people's strengths very quickly."

"That I have got to know the team better.  That I can recognize the qualities that we all have and the benefits that we bring to the team. That is was excellent, fun and a great form of exercise but I don"t expect to be able to walk after!"

"Excellent facilitators - tailored correctly for us.  Not the usual development cliches fed to us."

"Learnt lots about team members - self control, motivation and flexibility."

"Good interaction with Smiths Gore people from other offices."

"Enjoyed the day. Very effective in making you think and learn/practice team building techniques. Effective in breaking down and building up relationships with Smiths Gore employees."


"Do it! It helps you to understand motivation and communication and shows how quickly you can build an effective team."

"Try it, you'll like it. You might be sceptical, but give it a try and find out what a valuable exercise it is."

"Great fun, coupled with key learning of each others strengths. Well researched and facilitated. Do it!"

"A very different way of understanding individuals strengths, motivation and drivers."

"Not the typical "corporate" day team day, more eye opening about others and yourself than you might imagine from the description."

"Very interesting challenging day that I would recommend to teams looking to build relationships."

"Nice to do tasks where we're all equals and see different people's qualities coming through."

"Was a different and much more interesting way of learning team skills."

"It is fun and it would help you bond with team members you normally don't associate with."
Environment Agency

"Brilliant, stimulating and challenging day which was very well planned and organised. A very enjoyable day out which helped develop relationships within the group."

"A worthwhile exercise I would recommend to others."

"Group involved in was of equal ability allowing individuals to participate and focus on the challenge."

"Showed that communication is vital."

"An interesting approach to team building where you learn about history as well as teams."

"It was a 'perfick' day."

"Good Fun, the most enjoyable team building event I have attended."

"Recommend for future projects."

"I learnt it takes a variety of different personalities strengths and weaknesses to make an effective, efficient team."

"It was good to have time outside the work environment to feel comfortable about tackling issues that would normally make me feel uncomfortable."

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