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According to the latest survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, organisations spend an average of around £470 a year per employee on training.

With budgets constantly under the spotlight however, we believe tough questions should be asked to ensure real value for money is achieved and that tangible benefits are being delivered for both staff and employer.

If you're thinking about organising an event, here are some top tips:

  • Decide on your objectives - there's a world of difference between a fun teambuilding day out and a corporate team development day with a serious learning agenda which can still be fun
  • Value your staff by investing in their training - experience shows teams who feel more appreciated will in turn be motivated to give more back to the organisation
  • Consider the longer term benefits of a carefully-structured training day over the short term highs
  • Look for events which deliver results that can be used back in the workplace to make real changes to everyone's working day
  • One size doesn't fit all - think carefully about the profile of your team and choose an event where everyone has the chance to shine

Roche Products

Completing the City Challenge experience with lunch in Oxford's Christ Church Dining Hall.



After a rapid expansion, Roche Products' UK Clinical Projects Group wanted an event which would help them bond together and enable manager Martin Woollard to better understand the dynamics of his team.

They chose the one-day Oxford Challenge and set firm objectives which were supported by City Challenge's trained facilitators.

Tired but triumphant after an enjoyable day, Martin Woollard said: "It was hard work, but we had fun at the same time and learned some valuable lessons. It gave me a comforting insight into the many varied members of my team and I am building on some of the issues which came out of the day, both in monthly team meetings and one-to-one sessions with individuals."

Transport for London

A Transport for London team reviews their progress against the backdrop of Bath’s glorious golden Royal Crescent.



Increased sales, enhanced product knowledge and improved morale are just some of the positive changes reported after staff at Transport for London's Travel Information Centres (TICs) took part in a series of carefully-planned team development days.

The staff, who are responsible for selling tickets to events and attractions to the public as well as dealing with enquiries about destinations further afield, participated in Challenges over five separate away days. It gave them the chance to leave the capital and visit some of the most popular tourist destinations, including Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon, where they tackled a series of tasks based around the heritage and history of the destinations they were visiting.

The objectives of the training were to reward staff for their "significant and positive" contribution during an ongoing change programme and for it to be seen as a development opportunity.

Transport for London's Adrian Walters, said afterwards that the change had been "dramatic" and there was a greater sense among staff of not just being part of a small team based at a remote centre, but of being part of the Group Marketing Operations family.




Challenge DIG is a unique new team event just launched at a very special venue in the historic city of York. www.digyork.co.uk

DIG is a new interactive tourist attraction run by York Archaeological Trust and it's a world first in terms of an authentic interactive archaeological adventure. Visitors can take part in a real excavation, discover real artefacts from ancient civilisations and understand how archaeologists recreate the past.

Now, thanks to a partnership between the Trust and City Challenge to launch Challenge DIG, this venue is now available for teambuilding and training events with a difference. Four themes - Medieval, Roman, Victorian, Viking - reflect the various historical challenges and tasks include digging for pennies to reveal long-forgotten treasure troves and ancient manuscripts.




City Challenge is expanding our list of destinations all the time. Picturesque Lisbon and stylish Barcelona are among our latest attractions on the European front, while closer to home we've added the City of Westminster and Harrogate over the last six months.




Congratulations to the team at Hoxton Apprentice Restaurant, in London, which won Social Enterprise Team of the Year, sponsored by City Challenge, in this year's Edge Upstarts Awards 2006. The awards aim to showcase businesses that offer innovative and sustainable solutions to social problems and are supported by Edge, the practical learning foundation, and the New Statesman magazine.

The Hoxton team took top honours for working together so effectively to maximise the positive impact of the business. The apprentices are mainly homeless and long-term unemployed people who, after learning personal and career skills, are transformed into confident team members and they have won a training event with City Challenge.




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