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Our aim is to demonstrate the benefits City Challenge can deliver to your organisation through team development and training. How to:-



"The companies that feature in our top 100 consistently outperform the rest of the FTSE All-Share index, demonstrating that investing in your staff and workplace is not a one-way ticket to reduced profits and complacent workers." The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For

Achieving return on investment in team development deserves the same approach and consideration as any other expenditure decision:-

  • Clearly defined objectives and outcomes
  • Planned and structured approach to implementation
  • Proven and consistent framework to gather feedback and measure results
  • Review, evaluation and discussion of results post implementation

At City Challenge we focus on gaining an understanding of your organisation's objectives and your expectations through investment in team development. Our Learning and Development Specialists work with you to identify the key issues and the style in which they should be addressed. The expertise of our team and the scalability of City Challenge, in terms of learning outcomes, complexity and duration, ensure issues are covered in the most challenging and innovative way.

BAE Systems

A picture paints a thousand words! Photograph of TACAS & IFPA team from BAE SYSTEMS of very happy looking "challenged" people.


Case Study: BAE SYSTEMS Integrated Project Team (IPT) experienced a 3 Day Cambridge Challenge Bespoke

The two teams involved work jointly on projects and include staff from external companies as well as from other parts of BAE SYSTEMS, placing them in a unique position bringing its own challenges. City Challenge worked with the IPT to develop a programme to address their specific needs.

  • How the team meets and communicates
  • How the team generates best practice on marketing their successes
  • Creating a new team agenda for development

Ian Fuller, from Sales and Marketing, explains "City Challenge was a fantastic way to work on our Integrated Project Team building, a superb opportunity to re-visit one of the most beautiful places on earth and a model example as to what a well organised, safe and productive team building session should be. We were especially impressed with the amount of pre-work that went into organising the event, making sure it truly addressed our learning needs."



"If every company in the country adopted the practices of those in our top 100 and top 50 small businesses, we would create a world-beating economy fuelled by companies with happy, valued and well motivated people."
Jonathan Austin, MD, Best Companies Ltd


Getting to know new colleagues from around the globe. BP planning in the winter sunshine outside the city's Guildhall.


Case Study: BP Global Compliance and Ethics Group experienced a 1 Day City of London Challenge Dynamic

The Global Compliance and Ethics Group were looking to City Challenge to provide an exciting start to a 5 day conference for their new Global Function. They wanted to:

  • Create a cohesive team
  • Allow people to get to know each other in a non-formal, non-work competitive environment

The feedback from participants illustrated how City Challenge made people feel highly motivated. The "fun" element of the event was clearly experienced by this team but they also appreciated the calibre of the facilitation and the underlying learning issues that the Challenge addressed.




A City Challenge learning experience begins by taking the participants out of their normal workplace into an unfamiliar, different and real-life, real-time environment. Faced with this type of challenge the normal response is to "pull together."

The realisation that the deceptively "simple" task may not be quite so simple usually comes during the planning phase when the teams appreciate the extent of what is required and the time constraints they are operating within.'Euros' are awarded not just for answers but how individuals act to get them. Learning and Development specialists work with participants in advance to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and provide in-depth assessment throughout the activity.



Team negotiation in the lee of Christ Church, Oxford.


Case Study: Orange experienced a 1 Day Oxford Challenge Interactive

This recently established business to business sales team wanted to develop beyond the 'FORMING' stage and look at behaving more creatively and thinking outside the box.

The feedback evidenced the far-reaching learning experience gained from City Challenge. Learning about themselves and each other; revisiting a number of key skills important to team success but articulated and delivered in a fresh and innovative manner; acknowledging the importance of trust as a critical success factor and team component; understanding the "why and how" and being able to apply this knowledge to the workplace.

City Challenge is a preferred supplier to Orange.

Comments from Orange participants

"You need to do this. It actually worked and helped and will make a difference in your work"

"A number of key team skills important to team success were articulated and delivered in a fresh and innovative manner"

"I learnt that a genuine trust of fellow team members is crucial to team success"

"I learnt that hidden skills make exceptional additions"





What is the connection between Cloudy Bay Wine and Oxford?

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Develop the facilitation capability of your people.

Enable them to work with individuals, teams and groups within your organisation to achieve objectives through the empowerment of others.

Equip participants with the awareness, skills and techniques to improve the effectiveness of meetings, project teams, difficult work groups, operating committees and the like.

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