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City Challenge Core Competencies

City Challenge focuses on several core competencies and key skills (see below) to maximise the team experience. From hard skills defined as planning, time-management and problem solving to effective interpersonal skills such as different ways to communicate, listening skills and managing conflict and pressure.

The core competencies are constantly reinforced through our interactive session. Everyone is given the opportunity to get involved and to put theory into practice in a fun, informal environment.

Core competencies:
  • Planning for action - The ability to structure the deployment of resources to achieve goals
  • Problem solving - The ability to think logically and work through a problem
  • Understanding the task - The ability to think logically and creatively to achieve workable solutions
  • Interpersonal skills - improving interaction with individual team members
  • Teamwork in action - The ability to work co-operatively with others in the pursuit of team goals
  • Communication in action - The ability to communicate effectively to promote clarity and understanding
  • Leadership in action - The ability to inspire people to work together to achieve a goal
  • Development in action - The ability to improve oneself and others within the context of a task
Unlike many organisations, City Challenge wants to get to know you and your business before undertaking a Challenge in order to understand your overall objectives. It is important to us that we meet and exceed your expectations during the team-building event. To match your needs and goals, we have developed different types of Challenges, which you will find in our Which City Challenge Page, so your teams can get maximum benefit and value. Our fun and exciting challenges take place in a safe environment, where individuals are encouraged to try out different methods of leadership. The review and feedback given by the facilitator will ensure the teams look at their actions in order to put their new skills into immediate practice back in the workplace.

At the end of the event, we will present you with a comprehensive report, so you have some great development points from which to apply the new skills back in the workplace.

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