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Challenge Innovate
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Challenge Innovate

  • Stimulate innovative thinking
  • Limited time available
  • Limited resources available
  • Ice breaker for a team day
  • Fun and non-formal team event
  • Bonding and motivational
  • To entertain and energise
  • Team reward event
  • Self discovery
  • 6 +
  • 50 per person + VAT
  • Minimum charge 500
Locations Timings
  • Runs from 2-4 hrs
  • Maximum length is half a day
Delivered by
  • Self-run event
  • Organiser can take part
  • Event Management (optional extra cost)
Programme includes
  • Development and design
  • Cryptic clue booklet and city map with instructions
  • Prizes for winning team
  • City Challenge gift
  • Our aim is to provide an enjoyable, challenging and fun event. Challenge Innovate has been specifically developed to offer your teams a chance to learn together and have enjoyment as a team.

  • A breath of fresh air. Take time away from the normal working environment to rediscover the essential elements of team working. Thinking outside the box

  • Challenge Innovate is a fun and rewarding activity comprising a series of mental tasks to motivate and energise teams

  • Work together to solve the elements of the fiendish conundrum. Is your team up to the challenge?

  • Communication, co-operation, planning, listening and awareness skills are required

  • No one stands and watches!

  • Everyone in your team is involved, both intellectually and physically

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