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Challenge Conference

  • Annual company conference activity
  • Bonding and motivational event
  • To entertain and energise
  • Ice-breaker for a team day/company meeting
  • Fun team building activity
  • Informal emphasis on team building
  • 8 - 350
  • Price on application
Locations Timings
  • Runs from 2-4 hrs
  • Maximum length is half a day
Delivered by Programme includes
  • Delivery of the City Challenge product
  • Experienced event management team
  • Team briefing and de-briefing
  • Cryptic clue booklet and city map
  • Prize giving
  • CD with images from event
  • Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable challenging and fun event. Challenge Conference has been specifically developed to offer your employees a chance to take a break from the day's more formal company activities. It enables them to explore and discover their city location and introduce a healthy competitive element into the proceedings

  • There are times when your team deserves a change from structured company presentations. Challenge Conference provides the opportunity for your team to discover and have fun in a structured and innovative way

  • Our Event Management team will be available throughout the activity to ensure everyone understands what they have to do, and be on hand in the city centre to make sure the rules of the game are not stretched too far

  • No one stands and watches! Everyone in your team is involved, both intellectually and physically

Comments from clients
  • "Our challenge was to find a way to get a four day global conference off to a great start! The Oxford Challenge set exactly the right tone and atmosphere on which to build for the following days and was a major constituent in the success of the whole conference"

Download this challenge in PDF format

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Recent clients include Sanofi-Pasteur MSD who tackled The Brighton Challenge