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Challenge Bespoke

  • Groups with more than a day to explore team issues
  • Teams geographically dispersed around the country
  • Teams needing to re-focus and re-energise
  • High performing teams aiming to be pushed intellectually
  • Teams seeking clarity around what will make them perform more productively
  • Teams merging
  • 8 - 64
  • Price on application
Locations Timings
  • Day + Half - 3 days
Delivered by Programme includes
  • Development and design
  • Completion of personal objectives
  • Analysis of personal objectives in plenary session
  • Presentation of characteristics of high performing teams
  • Detailed briefing and de-briefing
  • Delivery of the City Challenge product
  • Learning & Development Facilitators
  • Cryptic clue booklet and city map
  • Review of learning points
  • Team and personal banners completed
  • Action plans completed
  • Comprehensive report on each team's performance post-event
  • Prize giving
  • CD with images from event
  • Feedback forms analysed and reported to client
  • For the team and individuals to delve deeper into what makes their team tick and keep them performing at a high level

  • Designed to give teams the extended time and opportunity to re-connect with each other and the team's purpose

  • To gain a deeper insight into individuals' strengths and gaps

  • To afford the time for individuals within the team to shine and reflect

  • The lengthy review session examines key themes that need addressing back in the workplace

  • Teams explore their team vision; roles and objectives; team culture; recognition of their success; how to maintain momentum and team purpose, all individually designed around client objectives

  • Task introduces time v risk, analytical thinking and negotiation skills, additional challenges are set to test creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Task and behaviourally scored

  • Extended review session is intended to stretch an individual's role and purpose within the team

Comments from clients
  • "Excellent facilitators - tailored correctly for us. Not the usual development clichés fed to us"

  • "I have done many team activities in the past but the Challenge has been the best in getting to the core of people's strengths very quickly"

  • "Highly effective, very enjoyable 2 days"

  • "That I can recognise the qualities that we have and the benefits that we bring to the team"

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