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The Benefits

- Team development and experiential learning doesn't mean romping across boggy fells, neither does it mean sitting in a classroom going through the theory. City Challenge is unique because it sits comfortably between these two and exploits the best aspects of each approach.
- There's no humiliation, no being asked to perform artificial tasks, just focus on an intellectually and physically stimulating event that has real focus on your teams' development needs.
- We want to get to know you before a challenge and get to the bottom of your overall objectives. We want to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.
- We get to know your people even before they arrive to complete a challenge. We find out your teams strengths, what they need to take from the challenge for it to be a worthwhile event and key words that describe the perfect team.
- Our comprehensive briefing session gives us the opportunity to play back these individual objectives to the whole team and discuss common themes.
- We spend time discussing the characteristics of high performing teams such as:-
- Clearly states its mission and objectives.
- Makes objective decisions and focuses on results.
- Clarifies roles/responsibilities and is well organised.
- Develops team morale and operates creatively.
- Builds upon individual strengths, supports and shares leadership.
- Communicates openly and resolves conflicts.
- Evaluates its own effectiveness.
- We also explore team process so your people get the most from the event.
- A safe environment encourages individuals to challenge traditional hierarchies within a team and try out different methods of leadership. The review and feedback encouraged by the facilitator will ensure teams look at their actions and put learning points into immediate practice.
- Your teams get maximum learning without the additional costs on your travel budget of an overnight stay. It can be a standalone learning day that sits comfortably alongside your internal development plans.
- City Challenge is a continuous activity from start to finish. There are no short-sharp bursts of activity with lots of bystanders moving from one task to the next. Everyone is involved with all teams getting the opportunity to put theory into practice in a fun, informal environment and to really develop throughout the event.
- Our Plenary Session is intended for you to shine. We give teams and individuals, especially those, who may harbour thespian, cheer leader, or comedian aspirations, the opportunity to deliver the highs and the key learning points to their colleagues. Plus we ask all members to relate what they have learnt from the team on the day and how they plan to apply the learning back in the workplace.
- You will receive comprehensive team reports (if applicable) after the event so you have some great development points from which to start development plans with your teams if appropriate.

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