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Picture this: The corporate day out. Eight hours in a hotel room, 'death' by powerpoint, mints in bowls, information overload and the obligatory rush for mobiles at coffee break. Or a day on the go - combat trousers, prizes for daredevils, bruises all around, lots of laughs but few tangible business benefits achieved.

All too often, well-intentioned team building activities fall into one of these extremes. Either way, they can miss the point that experiential team building relies on both intellectual and physical challenge - with all the participants totally involved.

City Challenge offers a refreshing alternative to conventional team building events. It combines dynamic problem solving, team collaboration and exploration around some of the most amazing cities in the UK and Europe. It's suitable for all ages and levels of seniority and, thanks to the skills of our dedicated learning and development specialists, it delivers real long-term improvements in the working environment.

City Challenge has been designed for you and your business:

It provides a new way to assess your team's strengths and gaps

It can act as a dynamic kick-start for a new project

It's an innovative way to entertain and energise your people at a company event

It's a unique opportunity to build team morale and meet business objectives

And, above all, it gets people talking.

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We offer team building and leadership skills events in the following cities: